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It is a high-performing formulation able to thoroughly remove any type of dirt or coloured stains, even when firmly absorbed by surfaces. It removes: dirt, grease, stains, oils, grease marks, traces of oxides, pigments, colours, paints and inks. It can be used on: cloth, metals, alloys, steel, iron, plastic materials, resin, ceramic, stoneware, cement, bricks, wood and varnished surfaces. Check the resistance of the paint or varnish to the product if used pure.

Instructions for use: use TM040 pure of diluted at 3 to 10%, depending on the type or quantity of dirt to remove. For persistent stains, spray it pure onto the surface to be treated, leave it to penetrate the micro porosities. Once you have done this, rub the surface firmly and continuously with a paper towel, sponge or brush until complete removal.

Package of: 0,25 L; 1 L.

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