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Water-based single-component putty with heavy aggregates, sets on contact with air. Available in different colours according to the personalisation of the customer in addition to the most commercially used standard colours.

supporto elastico
dimensione della fuga
Stucco monocomponente



Apparance Coloured soft paste in every required colour
Mixing ratio Absent, ready to use
Workability time 10 minutes – with the possibility to extend it by adding an appropriate solution or water
Setting time 12/24 hrs – depending on the temperature and environmental humidity and any abovementioned addition. Autocatalysis caused by air
Application With pneumatic gun or spatula
Consumption According to joint dimensions
Shrinkage Absent
Warehouse storage 12 months – In original sealed containers and in temperatures between +5°C and 30°C
Packaging 20 kg ready to use tub
Safety measures Please refer to the Safety Sheet
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